Greater Michigan NCPWB

The Greater Michigan National Certified
Pipe Welding Bureau is a Chapter of the
National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau.


Its purpose is to engage in research and
educational work that will assist the
contractors in furnishing safe and
dependable installations through the use
of qualified Welding Procedures and
Qualified Welders

The Bureau works to keep contractors informed of the latest methods, information and data on welding, safety and health. The Bureau works to assist contractors in providing the owner with quality welding at reduced costs through the use of certified welding. The Bureau works to promote, develop the use of, and generally maintain the quality of, welding in the piping industry. The NCPWB Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS’s) are developed following the uniform WPS format thereby permitting the interchange of such welders between NCPWB members without unnecessary individual duplication of such qualification tests.


The Greater Michigan National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau (NCPWB) Chapter No. 42 received their new charter (with updated name) at the recent national meeting of the NCPWB.

The presentation occurred at the National Technical Meeting of the NCPWB. Both Chapter Director Diane Calmeyn and PMCA President Sandra Miller were in attendance to learn about the newest procedures as it concerns the partnership between the NCPWB and the UA Welding Program.

Bob Waddy & Diane Calmeyn, receiving charter.

Washtenaw County Joint Training Committee Designated UA Welder Certification Testing Site

The United Association has designated the Washtenaw County Joint Training Program as the newest Michigan UA Welder Testing Site.
Administered through Washtenaw Community College, the program passed all audits and site visits completing the procedures necessary to be a site. The first testing was in January and we are testing at least once a month to keep up with the demand of certification. As necessary, an NCPWB Contractor is always present to witness the test.

Boiler Division Accepts UA/NCPWB Welder Cert. Program

With the Memorandum of Agreement between NCPWB and the UA, we made strides with the Michigan Board of Boiler Rules, as it pertains to our training. The Greater Michigan NCPWB, and other Michigan NCPWB’s, in cooperation with the United Association, made a joint presentation to the Michigan Board of Boiler Rules regarding our certification programs.
After a careful review of the programs, the Michigan Board of Boiler Rules unanimously agreed to accept the UA/NCPWB program for all external welding up to and including the boiler. In April of this year, the Michigan Board of Boiler Rules further clarified their acceptance of the program and accepted a letter endorsing the NCPWB Welding Procedures for their use as a company’s program.